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Jeff Davis Substance Abuse Coalition Meetings

Last Tuesday of each month


All meetings are held via Zoom until further notice


Please contact if you would like information about attending upcoming meetings.

Have unused prescription medicines in your house?  Keep unused prescription drugs safe and away from family members or others who may misuse them.  Take your unused prescription drugs to the drop box in your county.


Jeff Davis Sheriff’s Department

15 Public Safety Dr.
Hazlehurst, GA 31539

Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm

The Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities is pleased to announce the launch of its Resiliency and Wellness Toolkit in order to assist with students’ smooth return to school amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  The toolkit has resources and activities catered to students, parents, and educators that focus on promoting healthy coping mechanisms and wellness.  Its contents address topics such as COVID-19 challenges, behavioral health, substance abuse prevention, suicide prevention, and more.  The toolkit can be found at this link:  Make sure to check it out and spread the word!


Additionally, a recording of the toolkit’s launch event can be found at either of the following links: or

This is ongoing please view at your leisure.

An Overview of Medication for Opioid Use Disorder and Stigma, MAT Webinar flyer   


Georgia’s 2018 Opioid Surveillance Preliminary County Reports

    detail county-wide statistics pertaining to opioid use in the state of Georgia during 2018.  Additionally, they compare those statistics to statistics at the state level and/or to statistics from previous years where possible and relevant.  According to the report, overdose deaths caused by opioids were significantly higher than overdose deaths caused by heroin and fentanyl in both Jeff Davis County and in Georgia from 2016-2018.  Over the same time period, emergency department (ED) visits related to opioids were more prevalent than visits related to heroin.  While there was only one death attributed to opioid overdose in Jeff Davis County in 2018, there were 15 ED visits related to opioids that year, making the county’s rate of opioid-related ED visits (per 100,000 people) nearly double the state’s rate of opioid-related ED visits.  A copy of Jeff Davis opioid data from the report can be found below. Further details including additional demographic breakdowns and data for other Georgia counties can be found in the full “2018 Opioid Overdose Surveillance Preliminary County Reports” on the Georgia Department of Public Health’s website:


Click here to view the 2018 county report for Jeff Davis County.


More Resources:
  • JDSAC Mission and Vision Statement

  • JDSAC Strategic Plan                                                                       

  • In this era of uncertainty in all of our lives, we invite you to listen to these reflective podcasts and draw insight into the importance of how we, as individuals and members of organizations, respond to crises and disasters. 

  • We invite you to listen to the full Trauma Talks podcast interview with Tara, in which she provides numerous examples of how creativity, safety, and collaboration in times of crisis can carry us through and may even help individuals and organizations be stronger and more resilient.

The Institute of Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care has released two podcasts with interviews from individuals who have been through times of crisis.  The podcasts focus on how we face and manage crises and how this can impact individual and organizational resiliency.  One podcast interviews Kathy, whose husband died in February 2009 in an airplane crash.  The second interview is with Tara Hughes, an ARC Disaster Mental Health Advisor, who shares her experiences helping people in the aftermath of a disaster.

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