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Wayne County Recovery Coalition


Wayne County, Georgia faces an Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) crisis and
layers of barriers toward alleviating the crisis.  General access to
healthcare, and especially access to addiction treatment and recovery services, is a challenge for Wayne County residents.   Local addiction treatment services are under-equipped to provide evidence-based
treatment services to those suffering from OUD.  Work needs to be done in the areas of prevention, treatment, and recovery in order to address the county’s OUD problem.


The vision of the Wayne County Recovery Coalition is to promote awareness, advocate, and decrease stigma to prevent Opioid/Substance use disorder (OUD/SUD) changing how the Wayne County Community responds to OUD/SUD.


The Wayne County Recovery Coalition seeks to reduce the impact of opioid/substance use disorder (OUD/SUD) through comprehensive prevention, treatment, recovery and support services by collaboration with community partners.

Planning Values

The Wayne County Recovery Coalition seeks to address the stigma surrounding OUD/SUD in Wayne County through education and advocacy. Each meeting is centered around how to make Wayne County a place where those who suffer from OUD/SUD have access to prevention, treatment, and recovery resources.

Tanesha Slocumb - Program Manager

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