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Market Analysis

Research and Best Practices

Here you will find summaries of recent publications related to Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) and Substance Use Disorder (SUD).  Links to the full reports are provided at the end of each summary.  Local stakeholders and community members are especially encouraged to keep up with the summaries and reports.  The publications describe different facets of the OUD/SUD crisis, and gaining a comprehensive understanding of OUD/SUD and their effects from various angles can be directly relevant and beneficial to the work of the JDSAC.  As just one example, the National Council on Aging recently released a report examining how older populations are affected by OUD/SUD.  Meanwhile, people over 55 were involved in 10 of the 15 opioid-related emergency department visits in Jeff Davis County in 2018, so understanding how OUD/SUD affects older people is an important task for the JDSAC.  This page will be updated regularly with new reports, so we encourage you to continue checking it.

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