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Our Mission:

To transform the Appling County community by ensuring access to healthcare, improving access to resources, engaging in strong collaborative alliances, and developing a universal message to communicate health for all. 

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Appling County

Coalition for a Healthy Appling County

Appling County is one of eleven counties throughout the state that was selected to participate in “The Two Georgias Initiative”. Share Health Southeast Georgia applied to be the lead agency for this grant to address issues surrounding health disparities in rural Georgia.  The primary requirement of the grant for 2017-2018 was to form a coalition to improve the health of community members in Appling County.  The Coalition for a Healthy Appling County (CHAC) was established.  Participants developed a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) including methods to evaluate success.  The CHIP follows; next step is plan implementation.

If you are interested in getting involved in CHAC, Contact our Program Coordinator, Olivia Davis 

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