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Coalition for a Healthy Appling County (CHAC) Resources:


The story of the Two Georgias Initiative is the story of people who have created change in their local communities. Together, they created coalitions, embraced equity, identified needs, and overcame obstacles. In turn, these rural communities have created a roadmap for improving health outcomes in Georgia and beyond and have created partnerships and programs that will leave a lasting legacy, We invite you to learn more about this work by watching the video story about Appling County.

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Robin Trailblazers take on Providence Canyon

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Suicide Prevention Brochure


The Institute of Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care has released two podcasts with interviews from individuals who have been through times of crisis.  The podcasts focus on how we face and manage crises and how this can impact individual and organizational resiliency.  One podcast interviews Kathy, whose husband died in February 2009 in an airplane crash.  The second interview is with Tara Hughes, an ARC Disaster Mental Health Advisor, who shares her experiences helping people in the aftermath of a disaster.


In this era of uncertainty in all of our lives, we invite you to listen to these reflective podcasts and draw insight into the importance of how we, as individuals and members of organizations, respond to crises and disasters.


We invite you to listen to the full Trauma Talks podcast interview with Tara, in which she provides numerous examples of how creativity, safety, and collaboration in times of crisis can carry us through and may even help individuals and organizations be stronger and more resilient.

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